How does Window Film work?

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Window Film: Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Guardian Bastille as your window film provider?

Guardian Bastille has built our reputation by delivering unmtached product knowledge, excellent client service, and a solution-based approach in lieu of a brand-based approach seen throughout most of the industry. When contemplating which window film company can meet your needs, consider the following three things that separate Guardian Bastille: Experience: Guardian Bastille was formed in 1999 as a subsidiary of New England Sun Control (est. 1975), a nationally recognized 3M Window Film Dealer and Distributor. Our sales and installation staffs have encountered every imaginable scenario for which window film (tinting) could be beneficial and continue to acquire knowledge to meet the growing demands of today's residential and commercial marketplace. Selection: We offer a wide assortment of commercial and residential window film products from the leading manufacturers in the window film industry. We consider the various needs of our clients to determine which window film solution will meet their performance, aesthetic, and price criteria. Limiting ourself to one specific brand or product WOULD NOT allow us to deliver best in-class solutions. Consistency: We provide quality service, expert sales and installation teams, and premium products.

What is Guardian Bastille's Service Territory?

The majority of our clients are located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions of the United States. Our regional clients range from Boston, MA to Washington, DC and as far west as Pittsburgh, PA. Our sister-company New England Sun Control represents our window film interests in MA, RI, and CT while Guardian Bastille focuses our sales and installation efforts in New York City, New York state, New Jersey, Philadelphia Metro, predominantly Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Does Guardian Bastille service National Accounts?

Our business was formed in 1999 to service National Retail Accounts such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, Staples, Starbucks, Petco, Office Max, and many more. While we are based in the Northeast, Guardian Bastille has the reach and experience to deliver expedient, cost-effective window film service throughout the United States. Currently, we work with National Retail Clients, National and Multi-State Energy Service Companies, National and Regional Construction Companies, and National Real Estate Investment Companies to deliver the finest window film products, building energy modeling reports, and turn-key installations.

What type of window film solutions does Guardian Bastille provide?

Guardian Bastille is a leading regional and national provider of Sun Control Window Film, Low-E Window Film, UV Filtering Window Film, Safety & Security Window Film for buildings and schools, and applied Graphics and Vinyls. Our flagship brands are Huper Optik Nano-Technology Window Films and Panorama Window Films by Saint-Gobain Solar Gard. While we offer a number of well-known brands such as HanitaTek, 3M Window Film, Madico, and Edge, we believe Huper Optik Window Films and Panorama Window Films provide our clients with the best balance between aesthetics and performance against the damaging effects of the sun.

Can Window Film or Window Tinting make a difference on my electric bill?

Yes. Window Film can reduce the amount of solar heat that enters your home or building by up to 82% while Low-E Window Films are designed to keep the heat in during the winter. Lowering heat gain into your home or building or reducing heat loss during the winter can lessen your reliance on Cooling and Heating -- thus lowering your energy bills, prolonging the life cycle of HVAC systems, and improving the interior comfort of your home or building. Sun Control Window Film and Low-E Window Film can also reduce the annual maintanence costs of your HVAC system.

What does Window Film look like? Dark and Mirrored?

No. Many premium window film solutions are offered in a variety of non-reflective, virtually clear finishes that maintain the natural apperance of a home or building's windows while still providing 99% UV protection, 97% near-infrared heat rejection, and a multitude of additional benefits.

What is the Best Window Film in the market?

Determing the Best Window Tinting solutions for a building or home is truly subjective. Most window film manufacturers offer a wide variety of well-made products designed to meet the growing demands of commercial and residential window film clients. At Guardian Bastille, we believe the "quality" of a window film product is determined by it's ability to sustain performance and aesthetics over an extended period of time. We typically recommend premium Window Film Solutions that offer very high solar performance, provide very little change the appearance of the retrofitted glass, and are backed by the Best Warranties in the industry.



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