Multiple Locations PA, DE, NJ, and VA

Wawa is one of the fastest growing convenience store chains in the United States. Based in suburban Philadelphia, Wawa has rapidly expanded throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions as well as Florida.


As a leader energy efficiency and sustainability, Wawa employs many energy conservation measures to drive efficiencies and reduce operating costs at their store locations. Using commercial window film to as a means to reduce energy usage is a natural fit to any corporate energy strategy.


Graciously, Guardian Bastille accepted the opportunity to implement retrofit window film technology on a number of Wawa storefronts to alleviate excessive heat gain. In addition to creating a cooler internal environment, Wawa also experienced many other significant benefits – including merchandise perseveration, interior fade protection, and high visibility into their highly trafficked stores.


Wawa means a great deal to people from the Northeast. Conversely, it meant the world to us to be able to call Wawa a customer!