UV Reduction Window Film

Protect your valuables from ultraviolet light -- without compromising your home’s aesthetic -- with UV Filtering Window Film from Guardian Bastille

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The Choice is Clear. Invisible UV Protection.

If you own a residence with ample-sized windows, maintaining the views of picturesque cityscapes, mountains, and bodies of water is a priority. UV Filtering Window Film drastically reduces the transmission of Ultraviolet (UV) rays into your home while letting in the maximum amount of visible light. Our optically clear UV Filtering window film adds an invisible barrier to your glass, helping reduce furniture and artwork fading, and without darkening your windows or altering views.

UV Protection for your Design  Elements

UV Filtering Window Film by Guardian Bastille eliminates greater than 99% of unwanted UV light. Exposure to ultraviolet light has been to know to damage interior design components such flooring, artwork, carpeting, and window treatments. Furthermore, UV light infiltration in sunrooms, nurseries, and playrooms poses a serious health risk to our children and family members. Make the right choice. Make the clear choice.

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Benefits of UV Filtering Window Film

  • Eliminate > 99% of harmful UV rays

  • SPF 285 for your windows

  • Let protected natural light shine into your home

  • Clear and lightly tinted options

  • Protect your property and children from damaging ultraviolet light

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Guardian Bastille offers a wide variety of advanced residential window film solutions. We believe clients should have the opportunity to select a product from our range that best suits their needs. Our application-based approach is guided by the ability to choose from a portfolio of products offered by the leading window film manufacturers in the world.


Specialized window tinting solutions from Guardian Bastille come in broad range of tones and performance levels. From clear glazing surface films to non-reflective nano-ceramic window films to traditional reflective window tint, we have any solution to meet the demands of your luxury condo, beachfront property, metropolitan townhouse, or suburban estate.

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