Window Film Philadelphia:  Condo Owners are turning to UV Blocking Window Film

With the boom in the High Rise Condo Market in Philadelphia, the demand for Window Film to protect interior furnishings and fine art is growing rapidly. As homeowners complete renovations and fit-outs, they are turning to premium window film brands such as Huper Optik and Panorama from Solar Gard to prolong the life of their interior design components while maintaining perfect views of the city.

Protecting High-End Finishes and Maintaining Pristine Views

From The Rittenhouse to Independence Place…Waterfront Square to Society Hill Towers… and Ultra-Lux 500 Walnut, new condo owners are including UV-Blocking Window Film in their construction plans. The thought of leaving high-end finishes and invaluable art collections unprotected is a thing of the past. With solutions that eliminate greater than 99% of harmful UV rays and up to 80% of the uncomfortable solar heat gain, applying window film to new windows, or removing old window tint and replacing it with newer sun filtering technology, has become the norm.

Premium window film products are available in a wide variety of tones and densities to meet the demands of very selective buyers and their respective Condo Owners Associations. Maintaining views of the amazing sites around Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley has never been so important. As the Philadelphia renaissance continues, choosing a tasteful window film product for your home is vital.

When considering the proper window tinting product for your Philadelphia residence, one must consider the following questions about what they want from their new window film:

  • Can window film eliminate UV Rays?

  • Most window film products eliminate greater than 99% of UV Rays

  • How much visible light can I reduce without compromising the views or the exterior aesthetic of the building?

  • Huper Optik Select Series Drei and Sech, Huper Optik Ceramic Series, and Panorama Hilite 70, 55, and 40 are ideal Condo Window Film solutions because they maintain crystal clear views and do not change the exterior finish of the glass

  • Do high-performance window film products come in non-reflective finishes?

  • The aforementioned Huper Optik Select and Ceramic Window Film products as well as the Solar Gard Panorama Hilite Window Film products are non-reflective, aesthetically pleasing residential window tinting solutions

  • Will clear UV window film provide enough fade protection for my interior?

  • While UV-Blocking window film dramatically improves the UV protection of existing windows, homeowners must be willing to reduce visible light and solar heat gain to have a greater impact against interior sun damage

  • The cause of Interior Fading is comprised of the following:

  • 40% UV Rays

  • 25% Infrared Heat

  • 25% Visible Light

  • How will the color rendition of my fabrics and art collection be impacted? Will my furnishings and design components still show as intended?

  • Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films are the ideal choice for Art Museums, Art Galleries, and Private Art Conservators because they maintain the highest color rendition of any film in the industry. Keeping the highest color rendition is imperative to showing certain works and interior design components in their truest form

  • Does solar control window tinting reduce solar heat gain? Thus improving the comfort of my condo?

  • Premium sun control window film products can reduce solar gain by as much as 80%

  • Virtually clear films, such as Panorama Hilite 70 and V-Kool 70 can reduce heat gain from the sun as much as 55%

  • Huper Optik Select Drei, widely consider the highest-performance window film in the world, can reduce the sun's heat by as much as 70% with very little change the appearance of existing windows

If you find yourself asking these questions daily or weekly, it may be time to Schedule a Free Window Film Consultation with a professional.

Guardian Bastille is the leading provider of solar control and UV Filtering window films in Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. Our clients include the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, The Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, the Lenfest Center for the Arts at Columbia University in New York, and the Preservation Society of Newport County in Newport, Rhode Island. We have the privilege of counting on more than 100 institutional, cultural, and historically significant organizations as clients. Our vast experience in art conservation window film and window film for historical preservation has made us the perfect choice to improve the performance of windows in high-end residences in Philadelphia, New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C. and their respective areas.

To learn more about sun control window film, contact us today.

Nick DeCarlo, President

Guardian Bastille

p: (844) 703-8468


Guardian Bastille is the # 1 Choice for Commercial Window Tinting in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. We proudly serve commercial and residential window film clients in the Tri-State Region including: Wilmington, Delaware, Delaware County PA, Chester County PA, Montgomery Bucks County PA, Trenton, Princeton, NJ, Newark, NJ Jersey City, NJ and beyond!

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