Window Film New York City: Custom Window Film for an Instant Transformation

Initially, we were tasked with installing 3M Dusted Crystal Window Film to add a touch of privacy to a New York City Showroom/Board Room. However, our client decided that their Office Glass should be used as a platform to display the creativity and imagination offered by their New York City staff and design team.

Ultimately, our client created a custom mural that was to be printed on White Frost Window Film. Using the White Frost window film allowed our client to maintain an open office feel, enhance the obscurity into the adjacent space, all while providing the backdrop to the amazing custom mural.

After the Installation of the Custom Printed Window Film Mural on Office Glass

Why Custom Design and Print Corporate Branding, Logos, and Graphics on Window Film or Vinyl?

As technology has evolved, use of advanced graphic design and printing capabilities can dramatically transform blank office glass into a works of art. As office space and work environments continue their shift toward co-working, collaborative templates, using window film to display corporate branding and artwork on office glazing is a natural progression.

The process to go from blank canvas to finished product is easy. Working in conjunction with the design staff from Guardian Bastille, commercial and retail clients can transform an idea into reality with 2-3 weeks. Once a basis of design has been established, Guardian Bastille will create a rendering of what your Custom Printed Window Film will look like on the office glass to which it will be installed. When approved, our design and production staff will use our in-house equipment to print the pattern, artwork, or branding on the substrate of their choosing -- Clear UV Printable Window Film, Frosted Window Film, an assortment of architectural vinyl, or Opaque Window Film.

Today, commercial, retail, and institutional clients are no longer limited to using Decorative Window Film and Computer Cut Graphics to achieve an updated look for their office glass or storefronts. Using Custom Printed Window Film and Vinyl solutions from Guardian Bastille can expand your options for displaying creativity and imagination in the workplace. Guardian Bastille Custom Printed Window Film and Vinyl Solutions are a more durable option for clients looking for seasonal re-branding, long-term office transformation, or to display murals to notify the public of upcoming events.

Keep in mind -- Frosted and Decorative Window Films remain an important part of office remodels, tenant fit-outs, and corporate branding campaigns. Every day, partition glass and glass walls are being retrofitted with Window Film to meet building code, improve office and workspace privacy, or modernize once bland glazing. Your options remain limitless.

Before the Installation of the Custom Printed Window Film Mural on Office Glass

If your company is located in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, or Washington D.C., Guardian Bastille welcomes the opportunity to collaborate in selecting the proper Decorative Window Film Solution for you. Our team has worked closely with a number of leading commercial real estate firms, national retail chains, and well-known construction companies to bring a touch of class, elegance, and vision onto Office and Storefront Glazing.

Contact us today to learn more about our Decorative Window Film and Custom Printed Window Film Solutions.

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