Decorative Window Film: Be Inspired. Open your Mind. Bring your Vision to Life.

The use of Decorative Window Film has been on the rise for the past several years. Decorative Glass Finishes are a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to update the look or increase the privacy of your office, waiting area, or building. If you are trying to create a certain ambiance, deal with internal operational concerns, or simply promote your brand, Guardian Bastille can help you harness your imagination and bring your vision to life.

Decorative Glass Films come in a wide variety of tones, colors, opacities, and patterns. A few standard types of Decorative Window Film are as follows:

  • Frosted Window Film

  • Dusted Crystal Window Film

  • Distraction Markers and Bands

  • Gradient Window Film

  • Patterned Window Film

  • Stripes, bands, squares, wood grain

  • Textured Window Film

  • Brushed, Satin, Sandblasted, and Frosted Finishes

  • Colored Window Film

  • Custom-Printed Window Film and Graphics

Decorative Window Film Brands

Creating a unique work environment as never been Easier

Architects and designers continue to incorporate more glass walls and glass partitions into office fit-outs, renovations, and construction projects. An open office environment enhances productivity and work flow rates. It is also been proven that the installation of glass is a more cost-effective design feature than fixed walls.

The application of Decorative Window Film during a Tenant Fit-Out, Office Renovation, or an Office Furniture Installation is an expedient, economically sensible way to enhance the design of clear glass. Distraction Markers and Bands, often necessary to meet local building codes, can offer a touch of elegance to plain office or conference room glass. Decorative Window Film and Glass Finishes are a durable, removable option that can allow your team to create a lasting interior design feature or a temporary update.

Meeting the Needs and Exceeding the Expectations of Commercial Window Tinting Customers

The commercial, institutional, and retail window film clients of Guardian Bastille are often very discriminate, particular buyers. Acquiring a full understanding of the vast capabilities and drawbacks offered by our window tinting solutions is usually the deciding factor between our firm and other vendors in the industry.

Our primary objective is to meet the immediate needs of our clients. With access to a wide range of window film products, Guardian Bastille always has the perfect solution for your home, business, or school!

Guardian Bastille is a certified partner of Saint-Gobain Solar Gard Window Film and Huper Optik Window Film in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

Company Contact Information:

Nick DeCarlo

Guardian Bastille

phone: (844) 703-8468



Guardian Bastille is the # 1 Choice for Commercial and Residential Window Tinting in Southeastern, Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Metro Region, The Philadelphia Main Line, New Jersey, and New York City. We proudly serve ALL of the Mid-Atlantic Region including Dover, Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, Newark, New Jersey, Jersey City, New Jersey, Baltimore, Maryland, Southern New Jersey, Central New Jersey, Northern New Jersey, Brooklyn, New York, Queens, New York, and Manhattan.

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