Window Film New York: Make the Right Choice -- Ceramic Window Film for your Coastal Home or Building

It is easy to forget that New York City and Boston are in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. For years, window film manufacturers have created products to serve commercial, institutional, retail, and residential customers in areas like New York and Boston. Heat Reduction, low-reflectivity, and maintaining beautiful views have been the driving force behind window film innovation in the last 15 years. Most manufacturers have been producing high-performance Spectrally-Selective glazing films designed to maximize solar heat reduction while allowing an abundant amount of natural light to pour through newly treated windows. These windows films, such as Huper Optik Select Sech and Drei and the Panorama Hilite Series, quickly became the perfect solution for owners of High-Rise Manhattan Condos, Brooklyn Lofts, Jersey Shore Properties, or Cape Cod Vacation Homes to combat harmful UV Rays, lower uncomfortable solar heat gain, or to protect interior furnishings and art collections.

UV Blocking Window Film - New York City, Philadelphia, Boston

Product Type: Huper Optik KLAR 85 Ceramic Window Film - New York, New York

Unfortunately, the Spectrally-Selective window films that employ sputter-coated layers of precious metals such as gold and silver, must be edge-sealed to protect against corrosion and breakdown. Not every professional window film company takes the time or the necessary steps to edge-seal premium Spectrally-Selective Window Films as specified by each manufacturer -- thus creating the real possibility that window film could diminish in shorter than usual life cycles.

New window film installations should enjoy a useful life of 18-20 years. It is conceivable that external elements such as high salt content in the air could dramatically shorten the life cycle of your new window film. Thankfully, Huper Optik patented nano-ceramic (Titanium Nitrate) window film technology offers commercial property owners and luxury homeowners the peace of mind that their new window film products will withstand the harsh elements.

Why use Window Film in your Home or Business?

  • UV Protection -- reduce greater than 99% of harmful UV Radiation

  • Enhanced Interior Fade Protection

  • Preservation or Fine Art, Fabric, and Furnishings

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

  • Lower Cooling Costs

  • Updated Building Appearance

  • LEED Credits

  • Improved Energy Star Score

Huper Optik Durability

Ceramic Window Film, namely Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Films, have become the industry-leading window film solution for coastal areas such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, and numerous other coastal areas. Huper Optik’s dye-free, metal-free, non-corrosive construction ensures the salt content will have minimal impact on your new window film.

Huper Optik employs high-performance, nano-coatings to maintain thermal stability, durability, and long-term performance. The same nano-ceramic coatings, used in Huper Optik Window Films to reject high levels of solar heat gain, damaging UV Radiation, and other harmful elements of the sun, are used for extreme heat shielding by NASA in our space program. The thin veil of ceramic particles allows Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film to reject an abundant amount of heat without adding reflectivity or changing the color rendition of your existing window systems.

UV Fade Protection Window Film - Brooklyn, New York Guardian Bastille

Product Type: Huper Optik Ceramic 70 Window Film - Brooklyn, New York

Aesthetic Range and Product Choice

Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films come in a wider range of Light Densities and Tones than single-layer Ceramic Films offered by other window film manufacturers. Available in Ceramic 20, Ceramic 30, Ceramic 35, Ceramic 40, Ceramic 45, Ceramic 50, Ceramic 60, and Ceramic 70, aesthetic threshold and impressive performance are what drives the success of Huper Optik Window Film. When compared to Ceramic lines such as 3M Ceramic Films, Solar Gard Panorama CX Series, Llumar/Vista Ceramic Series, Huper Optik reduces more heat at every Visible Light Transmittance Level. Frankly put, they are the BEST Ceramic Window Film products in the world.

The Guardian Bastille Difference

Guardian Bastille, and sister-company New England Sun Control, have successfully completed hundreds of Window Film applications in coastal areas such as New York City, Boston, Cape Code, the Jersey Shore, Rhode Island, and other towns along the Eastern Seaboard. It is our belief that Huper Optik Window Films offer us a distinct advantage against our competitors because they are highly durable, impeccably manufactured, and visually appealing. Our reputation only goes as far as the window film products we recommend. When looking for the right solution to protect your home’s interior, lower the cooling costs in your commercial property, or to protect the finest art in our country, choose Guardian Bastille and our wide range of Huper Optik Ceramic Window Films.

Guardian Bastille is a certified partner of Saint-Gobain Solar Gard Window Film and Huper Optik Window Film in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

Company Contact Information:

Nick DeCarlo

Guardian Bastille

phone: (844) 703-8468



Guardian Bastille is the # 1 Choice for Commercial and Residential Window Tinting in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Main Line, New Jersey, New York City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Rhode Island, and Boston. We proudly serve the Tri-State Region including Wilmington, Gladwyne, Bryn Mawr, Princeton, Stone Harbor, Avalon and beyond

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