Go Green. Capture Energy Savings by using Retrofit Glass Films in your Building

Reduce Energy Costs with Window Film and Advanced Low-E Glass Coatings

Sun Control and Low-E Window Films, from manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain Solar Gard, Huper Optik, and Madico, are engineered to dramatically improve the performance of windows in commercial properties. Inefficient glazing is often the leading source of heat gain and heat loss in buildings. Solar Control Window Film, or window tint, and Low-E Glazing Films are a cost-effective solution to immediately improve the energy performance of existing glazing in commercial office buildings – especially when compared to the cost and disruption associated with full glass replacement.

Most commercial buildings constructed 25-40 years ago utilize very basic windows. Generally, the glazing systems in such buildings have very low insulating properties with regard to solar heat gain or winter heat loss. Even premier commercial properties in cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Boston that have invested capital and time into upgrading to Low-E Glazing still face the constant barrage of solar heat gain -- thus burdening HVAC Systems to operate at a higher capacity and for longer periods of time throughout the year.

Three Primary Factors Affecting Heat Transfer through Glass

1. Temperature Difference: The larger the differential in external and internal building temperatures dictates how much heat gain (warmer outside vs. inside) and heat loss (warmer inside vs. outside) will be experienced a commercial buildings

2. Time: A greater temperature difference for a longer period of time will lead to increased

levels of solar heat gain and heat loss

3. Glazing Surface Area: More Glass exposes commercial properties to higher probability of excessive heat gain or heat loss – depending on the time of year in question

For High-Rise Office Towers and Low-Rise Office Buildings whose glazing systems encompass a large portion of the building façade, temperature imbalances and extreme hot spots are often a daily occurrence. Studies have shown that it can take nearly 1 TON of AC (12,000 BTUs) to offset one hour of solar heat gain through approximately 60 square feet of untreated glass. Thankfully, Sun Control Window Film can reduce the sun’s heat by as much as 82% - thus mitigating the need for constant cooling to offset continual solar heat transmittance.

Conversely, some office properties in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the New York City Metro Area, and Boston, Massachusetts also must combat heat loss during the cooler months. Thankfully, Solar Gard Ecolux 70 and Edge Low-E 70 window films are available to lower solar heat gain during warmer months while retaining much of the man-made (interior) heat during the cooler months.

Low-E Energy Saving Window Film Solutions for New York, Philadelphia, and Boston Commercial Buildings

Low-E Window Film, or Energy Saving Glazing Film, has quickly become a popular choice for commercial building owners, property managers, and operators of marquee properties. These unique retrofit energy solutions provide instant benefit to inefficient office windows by eliminating greater than 50% of the solar heat gain while maintaining Emissivity (“E” in Low-E) performance levels of .09 or less. Most Low-E Window Film solutions are light density glass films that have visible light transmittance levels close to 70% -- making Low-E Window Film an excellent choice when improvements to the energy efficiency of commercial glazing must occur in conjunction with already implemented “daylighting” strategies designed to reduce electrical lighting usage.

Window Film offers Many Great Benefits for Commercial Properties

Commercial Window Film solutions provide many additional benefits for property owners and facility managers. Utilizing retrofit solar control films can enhance a buildings aesthetics by creating a uniform exterior, protect occupants against the harmful effects of UV radiation, harden the building envelope, improve the interior comfort levels, and add another effective energy conservation measure to corporate energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

Solar Control Window Film and Low-E Window Film used in New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware Office Buildings has proven to be an effective tool to improve energy efficiency, reduce temperature imbalances attributable to heat gain or heat loss, and will undoubtedly enhance the overall comfort of the internal workspace.

Guardian Bastille is a certified partner of Saint-Gobain Solar Gard Window Film and Huper Optik Window Film in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

Company Contact Information:

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Guardian Bastille

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Guardian Bastille is the # 1 Choice for Commercial Window Tinting in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. We proudly serve commercial window film clients in the Tri-State Region including Wilmington, Delaware County PA, Chester County PA, Montgomery Bucks County PA, Trenton, Princeton, Newark, Jersey City, and beyond!

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