Energy-Efficient Window Film for Commercial Buildings

Why Commercial Window Tinting for your Building?

Commercial Property Managers, building owners, and energy managers are continually seeking new energy conservation measures to combat rising energy costs. Commercial window tinting is a valuable tool in energy conservation plans and corporate sustainability initiatives because it can drastically reduce solar heat gain, lower heating and cooling costs, improve tenant comfort, and create a positive effect on the overall well-being of building occupants.

Can Window Film Increase a Building Energy Star Score?

Many cities and states throughout the United States require commercial properties to report energy and water usage annually. Building Owners, asset managers, and property managers must measure and verify energy and water usage information and upload the data to Energy Star Portfolio Manager to establish a score between 1 and 100. A minimum score of 75 designates a commercial building as an Energy Star rated property. Anecdotal evidence has shown that commercial properties with higher Energy Star scores command higher annual rents from incumbent and prospective tenants.

The primary goal of Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking is to heighten awareness of the effectiveness or shortfalls in building energy conservation plans and to drive innovation and implementation of new energy conservation strategies.

Several energy conservation measures (ECMs) have proven to be cost-effective, high return options for improving Energy Star scores in commercial properties. Energy-efficient LED and fluorescent lighting upgrades, implementation of new HVAC controls, and upgrading the thermal and insulating values of windows are three effective tools to improve the Energy Star score in large Commercial Buildings.

Upgrading the windows in large commercial buildings can be easily attained with Commercial Window Tinting. Low-E Glass Coatings and Solar Control Window Film can greatly reduce excessive solar heat gain as well as heat loss during the winter months. Published Energy Star Portfolio Manager reports have revealed that window film can increase the Energy Star score in certain commercial buildings by as much as 10 points. Imagine installing cost-effective, energy saving solar control window film to your building’s window and watching your Energy Star score rise in the ensuing months.

How do I learn more about the potential energy savings offered by Commercial Window Film?

Contact Guardian Bastille to schedule your free in-building commercial window film energy audit. Our team is experienced in every aspect state and local as well as utility incentive programs and can obtain rebates to offset a portion of the initial cost of commercial window film retrofits.

Architectural Window Film provides many benefits to commercial building owners, property managers, and energy management professionals. New energy-efficient window tint will reduce solar heat gain, create a more comfortable work environment, mitigate the risks from exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) light, or simply upgrade the performance of old window film. Contact the commercial markets team from Guardian Bastille to learn more about how window film can reduce energy costs in large commercial office buildings.

Guardian Bastille is a certified partner of Saint-Gobain Solar Gard Window Film and Huper Optik Window Film in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

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Guardian Bastille is the # 1 Choice for Commercial Window Tinting in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. We proudly serve commercial window film clients in the Tri-State Region including Wilmington, Delaware County PA, Chester County PA, Montgomery Bucks County PA, Trenton, Princeton, Newark, Jersey City, and beyond!

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