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Guardian Bastille is a leading provider of commercial, residential, and decorative window film solutions throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Maryland.


In 1999, our company was formed to service the growing demand for safety and security window film products throughout the United States. Guardian Bastille has since expanded our business into applied sun control and decorative window films, custom window and wall graphics, energy services, and more. We service a wide range of public and private businesses – including, but not limited to, the financial, educational, and retail industries.  


Our list of clients includes commercial building owners, property management firms, interior designers, architectural firms, museums, colleges and universities, and private homes.


Throughout the years, we are proud to have worked with Brown University, Harvard University, Fidelity, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Columbia University, J.P. Morgan Chase, Siemens, and many other prestigious clients. We look forward to adding your name to our esteemed list of satisfied customers.


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Our primary goal is to improve the way of life for individual and institutional clients.

Putting our client's needs and desires first is what drives our business. Understanding how to best utilize our solutions to provide maximum impact on their personal lives or businesses is what sets our team apart from the rest of industry.

Advanced window film solutions are sustainably designed products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. While new window film technology boasts many benefits, we strive to provide solutions that give our clients a greater sense of security and piece of mind.


Window Film is often used to protect people, property, and priceless possessions. Choosing the right window film to improve your life starts with choosing the right vendor. Make the right choice. Choose Guardian Bastille.

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